Wolves in the U.S. Mini Documentary

This mini documentary was created for a naturalist class, explaining that there once were and still are wolves in the southeastern United States. It tells the story of wolves in the U.S. by covering both historic and current perspectives. The content was researched collaboratively in a group project, I did the direction, script finalization, narration and production. 2021

India Tour Company Review:

This is a short clip on a recent India trip I took, shot on iPhone 13 Pro Max. It is meant to highlight the various wildlife, natural and
cultural sights for a tour company review. 2022

Tiger Chases Deer

This short clip is of a tiger chase in Jim Corbett National Park. The tiger was crouching in the water and a chital deer walked up to the bank.

Paris in Black & White

This is a slideshow of black & white images of Paris set to music. 2016