I grew up in the Boston area, in a small New England town not far from Thoreau’s Walden Pond. After learning to pronounce my R’s and studying literature in downtown Boston, I moved to sunny South Florida. I got involved with photography while working as a journalist, creating content for television websites. I used my camera to tell stories. As I started to travel widely I found more stories I wanted to tell and moments I wanted to capture.

As many who travel will attest, there are places in this world so spectacular, forms of life so fascinatingly unique and cultures so astoundingly different from our own that they leave you changed once you’ve encountered them. Yes, in a bucket list sort of way – that you’ve verified the things you read about as a child or checked off items on the life list you finally realized you have, but also in the first hand understanding of why these things matter at all.

Standing beside the vast power of nature in a glacier, waterfall or volcano; witnessing both predator and prey’s resilience in an all out chase for survival; discovering hidden worlds far beneath the ocean’s surface on a coral reef, or seeing the power of belief translated into colorful rituals, clothing and ceremony – these are the moments that take your breath away. To capture it with technical and artistic competence comes from continuously honing your craft, but to understand your subject’s intrinsic value is to be a student of science, history and humanity.

And then there’s the transformative power of adventure – challenging your perspective, calculating risk, researching the details, planning the approach, developing your skill, performing in the moment, facing your fears and advancing beyond your previous limitations which makes each journey feel like a victory. Photography is often paired with exploration, navigation, trekking, SCUBA diving, extreme environments, foreign languages and cultural immersion. There are peaks of achievement alongside obstacles and setbacks. You may see the final images, words or video, but underneath often lies an equally compelling story.

Any story of mine cannot be told without my wonderful husband Tim – my partner in adventure who is equally passionate about photography, nature & wildlife. He is also a lifelong aviator and diver. We encourage each other to explore new worlds, hone new skills and take on new challenges.

In terms of tools, my mainstays are Canon & Adobe and I am currently using the 5DSR and the R5 with various lenses from 16-500. I also use a combination of GoPro, iPhone and DJI drones. My photos have been published in a number of well known websites and magazines. My work is also available through Getty Images.

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